Vote Climate U.S. PAC Launches Website and Announces Priority Candidates


October 22, 2014



Vote Climate U.S. PAC’s mission is to elect candidates to get off fossil fuels and put a price on carbon. In an effort to infuse new energy into the politics of climate change, Vote Climate U.S. PAC launched its website and announced its priority candidates for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate today.

In an era when scientists say we are facing an emergency situation with climate change, U.S. elected officials are not taking action. Despite increasingly urgent calls from scientists and protests from our citizens like the People’s Climate March, no federal climate legislation has ever become law in the United States. Vote Climate U.S. PAC is working electorally to increase support for climate legislation in congress. Without federal legislation, we are left with a patchwork of less effective, state and local regulations. It starts with electing the candidates to get it done.

“Our priority races were carefully chosen in order to begin to position climate change as a powerful electoral issue,” said Karyn Strickler, Founder & President of Vote Climate U.S. PAC. “We chose races where climate change is a pivotal issue, candidates are leaders on the issue and victory is not guaranteed. These are races where climate change activists can get involved by volunteering, promoting candidates on social media, donating or voting, and make the difference for the candidates and the issue,” said Mrs. Strickler.

The Vote Climate U.S. PAC website is a place where concerned citizens can learn about our organization, priority candidates, proposed legislation and ways to take positive action on climate change. While the fossil fuel industry and their political allies have devoted enormous resources to thwarting efforts to combat climate change, there are still very few organizations, like Vote Climate U.S. PAC, devoted to taking electoral action to deal with what may be history’s greatest threat to our future.

Download the Vote Climate U.S. PAC 2014 Candidates