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We are looking for your stories and ideas about a hopeful, exciting, carbon-free future. Do you have stories about how people are minimizing their impact, divesting of fossil fuels, switching to renewable energy, lowering consumption? Maybe you know of a place where a carbon fee is working wonders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We’d like to hear about it.

We’re also seeking stories of individuals, families and communities being impacted by weather extremes associated with climate change. We sometimes hear about the people in California who no longer have a wildfire season, but rather fires that burn year-round. The record drought across much of America is affecting farmers, small businesses, families and our food supply. The streets of Miami are flooding, even without rain, from rising sea levels associated with climate change. The broad impacts of super storms like Sandy are known across the nation.

We especially like to hear stories of hope and political activism. We would also like to know how these and other weather extremes, associated with climate change, or experiences with the fossil fuel economy have personally impacted you. Please take a moment to speak-out and tell your personal story.

If you would like to share your story with your local newspaper and community, please see our “Letter-to-the-Editor” section under “Action,” and make your story part of the public discussion on climate change. Read more about letters-to-the-editor.

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