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Scott Peters (D) – CA 52 – Incumbent

photo of Scott Peters
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Vote Climate U.S. PAC endorses incumbent Scott Peters (D) in California’s 52nd congressional district as a top priority candidate for 2014. Scott Peters is an incumbent member of the U.S. House who, despite winning in 2012 by only 2.4%, has demonstrated leadership on climate change. Political analyst Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report gives the Democrats a slight advantage and like others, calls the district a toss-up. This is a very competitive race between candidates with very different backgrounds on climate change.

KPBS Interview: Do you believe climate change is real? If yes, do you believe humans caused it? If yes, should the U.S. government implement any new laws or restrictions to combat it?

“Scott Peters: Yes climate change is real. Yes, human activity is largely responsible, as a consensus of scientists recognize. As chair of the Democrats’ Climate Task Force, I’m particularly proud of my record on this issue. Every year I fight for full funding for the nation’s climate research programs. During my first term in Congress I introduced the SUPER Act, based on research from scientists at UCSD, to combat so-called “super-pollutants” such as methane and black carbon. I introduced the STRONG Act, to support community preparedness in the face of extreme weather…

…Finally, I have co-sponsored:
1) H.R. 764, which would provide grants to help coastal states plan for the impacts of climate change;
2) H.R. 540, which would require federal data centers to be energy efficient and use energy-saving technologies;
3) H.R. 4239, a drought-assistance bill that would modernize reservoir operations and invest in water recycling, among other things;
4) H.R. 1154, which would close oil and gas industry air-pollution loopholes in the Clean Air Act…”

Member of the Safe Climate Coalition, Peters is Climate Committee Chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition:

“The Safe Climate Caucus is comprised of 40 members of the House who have made a commitment to end the conspiracy of silence in Congress about the dangers of climate change.  What unites us is our understanding that climate change is the moral issue of our time.  We believe we have an obligation to use our voices to raise awareness of the dangers we are creating for our children and grandchildren if we do not act now.”

Climate Hawks Vote Endorsement:

“Peters eked out a victory in 2012 in a swing district, and he’s facing a very tough reelection fight – DC pundits consider his race one of the few true tossups of 2014. He could have ducked the thorny climate issue. Instead, he stepped up to the plate in a big way once in office, taking on a leadership role in the House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition, authoring bills, and speaking out in the national and local press.”

Scott Peters Website says:

Climate Change

“It’s also critical that we advance policies to sufficiently respond to climate change and protect our nation’s clean air, water, and environment. Unfortunately, I’m being challenged by those who choose to ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence collected by many of the world’s best research institutions that makes clear that climate change is a real, immediate threat.”

Opponent’s Connections to Koch

Peters’ opponent seems to understand that his Koch connections could be an electoral liability and touts his support of “strong environmental protection initiatives,” on his website, but fails to mention his connection to the Reason Foundation, which reportedly received $2.8 million from the Koch Family Foundation, well known for funding climate change denial. “Reason also received six-figure funding from Exxon Mobil,” according to Climate Progress.

This race could foretell a future in which only climate leaders win elections. As the issue becomes harder to ignore, so does the need for strong federal action by our elected officials. Vote Climate U.S. PAC urges your support for Scott Peters (D) – CA – 52. Please click our “Priority Candidates” introduction page, under our “Campaigns” tab for ways you can help.