Ross Stansfield is the co-producer and director of photography for Vote Climate U.S. PAC’s Holy BLEEP Mabel ad campaign and has 30 year of experience in the film and photo industry. Since 1990, Ross has acted as a director, producer, director of photography and editor, creating TV spots, commercial films, short films, music videos and a documentary on Raymond Loewy currently showing at the O. Winston Link Museum in Roanoke, VA. In 2009 he produced radio spots and TV stills for Allied media on the 2010 Census. Recently Ross co-produced, shot and edited a PSA for, and also a film with Wandering Hat, illustrating the construction of an interactive display using time lapse and HD video. Last November he was the co-producer a three-camera shoot working with Forest Whitaker at the National Portrait Gallery, during the “Black List” reception sponsored by AT&T. He coproduced and lit the web series “Hard Fix” with Rubacam productions.