Peter Aguilar (D) – CA 31

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Peter Aguilar (D) – CA 31 – Challenger – Open Seat

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Vote Climate U.S. PAC endorses Peter Aguilar (D) former mayor of Redlands, a challenger for California’s open, 31st congressional district seat, as a top priority candidate for 2014. Pundits say the seat will likely fall to Democrats, but that is not guaranteed. Aguilar supports assertive action on reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. According to the Highland News, his opponent does not believe there is global warming. Republican Representative Gary Miller formerly held the seat.

“A Sound Approach to Energy and the Environment” on Campaign Website:

“As Mayor of Redlands, I’ve fought for more sustainable development and programs to reduce the effects of climate change. I led efforts to encourage greater energy efficiency and conservation, including green building and climate-friendly purchasing, and strongly support a new passenger rail line to help reduce heavy traffic and pollution. I am also firmly committed to strengthening our clean air and water standards, promoting investments in clean energy technology and taking assertive actions to reduce carbon emissions and combat global climate change…”

League of Conservation Voters Endorsement:

“Aguilar is committed to combating climate change, because he has seen firsthand the impacts that climate disruption is having on California, including more intense heat waves, unprecedented droughts and more severe wildfires. As Mayor of Redlands, Aguilar has led the effort to adopt a sustainability plan that promotes energy efficiency, clean energy and conservation. In Congress, Aguilar will continue to tackle climate change and move America towards a clean energy economy, which will create good paying jobs in California and across the country.”

Peter Aguilar’s support of assertive actions to reduce carbon emissions and combat global climate change could make an important difference for his district and America, both hard-hit by climate change, as we work toward federal legislation. Please click our “Priority Candidates” introduction page, under our “Campaigns” tab for ways you can help.


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