MNN Writes about Vote Climate U.S. PAC - July 2015


August 1, 2015


“mother nature network” ( featured Vote Climate U.S. PAC and founder Karyn Strickler in it's article discussing the role of PACs in shaping US Climate Policy, especially in the upcoming 2016 election. Follow the link below this except to read the full article, and share the link with your friends and family as a way to help them understand the importance of our work.

A crew discusses the filming of an upcoming Vote Climate ad. The ads will premier in 2016. (Photo: Vote Climate U.S. PAC)

"Imagine you're a basketball coach who doesn't like the three-point field goal for some reason. You might have solid reasons for saying the game would be better without it. But you're sure as hell not going to tell your team to stop scoring three-pointers if the other team is allowed to."

That's how Karyn Strickler, founder and president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC, describes the dilemma facing environmentalists — many of whom have railed against big money and corporate influence in politics. Strickler recognizes there are legitimate concerns around the so-called Citizens United ruling, a 2002 Supreme Court case that rolled back restrictions on independent political expenditures by corporations, unions and other entities, but she argues that if pro-fossil fuel lobbies are spending big on electing their preferred candidates, then environmentalists must learn to play the same game.

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