Jake Assael is a lead researcher for Vote Climate U.S. PAC. He is currently a Public Policy Advisor for Warwick Group Consultants. He has extensive experience in government, consulting, and the non-profit sector. Jake has previously worked with the Environmental Protection Agency, during which time he analyzed the President’s FY 16 and 17 budget proposals, as well as the House and Senate budget language and bill reports. Jake highlighted key provisions and riders in the bill language, as well as financial differences between the President’s budget and those submitted by the House and Senate. Jake also worked for the Sierra Club on its Responsible Trade Team, researching the financial holdings of oil and coal companies across the United States. He also ran communications for the American University Center for Environmental Policy. In May, Jake received a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Finance from American University in Washington, D.C. His degree included a semester in the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where he focused on sustainable development.