Gary Peters (D)- Michigan

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Gary Peters (D)- Michigan U.S. Senate – Challenger – Open Seat

Photo of Gary Peters
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Vote Climate U.S. PAC endorses Gary Peters (D) former congressman and challenger for Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat, as a top priority candidate for 2014. Peter’s slim lead is widening, “But Michigan Democrat Gary Peters is making the climate cause a central message in his neck-and-neck Senate campaign, in a state that for decades built gas-guzzling cars into a foundation of the U.S. economy,” according to Politico. Peter’s aggressive stance on climate change, in a year when candidates on both sides of the isle are ducking the issue, makes this a race about climate change. Politico says, “Still, supporters like Michigan Democratic strategist Jill Alper think Peters is smart to play up climate change — and she says other Democrats should do the same…”

“A Senate race about…climate change!”

“The Michigan Senate race may be unique in the sense that there really is an opening for climate change to be an issue, for several reasons. First, there’s the extensive role that the Great Lakes play in the Michigan economy, and the scientific finding that their water level may be highly sensitive to climate changes.

Then there are the Koch brothers. The Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity has spent millions on ads attacking Peters on Land’s behalf. According to Forbes, Koch Industries has “contributed millions to organizations that have studied human-induced global warming with skepticism.” This has raised questions about whether the Kochs’ political activities are “blatantly self-interested,” Forbes noted, because Koch Industries is “a major carbon emitter, vulnerable to tighter emissions controls.’”

Gary Peters Congressional Website:

“Working to reduce America’s carbon footprint: In 2009, I proudly voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act to invest in renewable energy sources, reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions and lay the groundwork for a clean energy economy. By pursuing clean energy technologies, we’ll break our nation’s addiction to foreign fossil fuels and create thousands of American jobs. All of us must do our part to fight global climate change and that’s why I’ll keep fighting for important legislation like this.”

Gary Peters Senate Website:

“As a State Senator, Gary successfully led the fight to ban directional oil and gas drilling under our Great Lakes.”

Gary Peter’s victory could position climate change as a winning political issue. We need more leaders in the U.S. Senate who are willing to stand-up, speak-out and take action on this most critical issue. Vote Climate U.S. PAC urges your support for Gary Peters in the Michigan U.S. Senate race. Please click our “Priority Candidates” introduction page, under our “Campaigns” tab for ways you can help.