Emily Cain (D) – ME-2

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Emily Cain (D) – ME-2 – Challenger

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Cook Political Report: Republican Toss-up
Roll Call: Toss-up
Opponent: Bruce Poliquin – LCV score: 2015: 9% Life: 9%

“I would definitely support a carbon tax…” said Emily Cain in a forum in Lewiston, Maine. “Emily Cain has demonstrated she understands that a carbon tax is one of the most effective tools for fighting climate change. That is why she is one of our top 3, top priority U.S. House candidates in 2016,” said Karyn Strickler, president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC. Strickler added, “Cain is showing electoral strength in a tough, swing district. Vote Climate U.S. PAC encourages our supporters to help elect Emily Cain by getting the word out on her candidacy, and her race’s importance to climate action in the U.S. Congress.”

Emily Cain’s Congressional Campaign Website – Excerpts

Maine must be a leader in the fight to stop global climate change.

Maine people who enjoy the outdoors or make their living there know that our climate is changing. It’s no coincidence that the 2016 Maine Fisherman’s Forum focused on communicating climate change science to the people who work in our fisheries.

In the Legislature, Emily supported renewable energy investments like offshore wind and solar, along with bipartisan packages to ensure clean air and water, restore wetlands and protect farms and forests.


Maine Progressives Warehouse

“I would definitely support a carbon tax…” said Emily Cain in a forum in Lewiston, Maine. (See question 16. Q14 video response.)

Give Green

According to Give Green, “Cain believes that we must take action on climate change and vows to defend the EPA’s authority to limit carbon pollution from power plants while also building a clean energy economy. She supported legislation that made Maine the third state to limit dangerous carbon pollution from new coal power plants.”

Vote Smart

Emily Cain answered “Yes,” to the question on Vote Smart: “Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?”