Brad Schneider (D) – IL 10

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Brad Schneider (D) – IL 10

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LCV score: Life: 90%
Cook Political Report: Republican Toss-up
Roll Call: Toss-up
Opponent: Bob Dold – LCV score: 2015: 37% Life: 45%

“I think a carbon tax is an example of a market mechanism and I think there are ways we can use the market that will create incentives for companies and consumers to lower their emissions. Yes,” said Brad Schneider, indicating his support for a carbon tax to fight climate change.” “Brad Schneider’s support of a carbon tax is a bold, leadership position in a swing district. His election will contribute to a majority in Congress for action on climate change. That is why Brad Schneider is one of our top 3, priority U.S. House candidates in the 2016 elections,” said Karyn Strickler, president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC.

Brad Schneider’s Congressional Campaign Website - Excerpts

I believe we must be responsible stewards of our environment and in Congress I fought for programs that preserve and protect America’s environmental heritage.  I support the President’s work to reduce greenhouse gases and applaud the historic agreement achieved last year in Paris.

It’s our duty to future generations to protect our air and water, conserve our natural spaces, and urgently address climate change.  Acting responsibly today will promote economic growth, create jobs, and preserve our global leadership in energy and other fields.

I believe we must act without delay to address climate change. In Congress, I will support policies and investments that move our country toward creating the clean energy economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

On the Issues

  • Promote solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear. (Nov 2012)
  • Supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions. (Sep 2012)