Andrew Romanoff (D) – CO-6

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Andrew Romanoff (D) – CO-6 – Challenger

Photo of Andrew Romanoff

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Vote Climate U.S. PAC endorses Andrew Romanoff (D), the challenger for Colorado’s 6th congressional district seat, as a top priority candidate for 2014. This is the hottest Congressional race in the country. Politico says, “Colorado’s 6th could be 2014’s tightest race.” It’s being closely watched partly because of the challenger’s bold, outspoken position on climate change. It could be a defining race. Romanoff is challenging a 4-term incumbent who is weak on climate change. His opponent’s lead seems to be growing.

Andrew Romanoff has made climate change central in his race and continues to speak out on the issue:

“’And let me just underline this point because it represents a real difference between my opponent and me. On climate change, the science is in, the evidence is overwhelming. This is a clear and present danger and we ought to do everything we possibly can to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel and accelerate our transition to clean, renewable energy,’ Romanoff said in a rising voice,” to the Colorado Statesman.

Romanoff features the issue of climate change prominently on his website and indicates his intent to lead saying:

“Coloradans understand the importance of addressing climate change and creating a new energy economy. We aim not only to protect our health, our environment and our security, but also to promote 21st-century jobs. We need a national commitment to this cause…”

Denver Post asked if he supported Cap and Trade, Andrew Romanoff Prefers Carbon Tax:

“I think the cap and trade plan, or variations thereof, are less transparent, less efficient, less effective, more susceptible to gaming, than a revenue-neutral carbon tax. [sic] and by that I mean you would increase the fees on pollution and decrease the tax on income. You’re going to get less of any activity that you tax so what we’re doing by taxing work is discouraging the sort of activity we ought to be promoting. What we ought to be discouraging instead is carbon emissions, and that’s where a fee would be more properly placed.”

The election of Andrew Romanoff could make a critical difference for the voters of Colorado’s 6th district, but also for Americans who care about the climate change and recognize the need for bold leadership on the issue. He supports our mission of getting off fossil fuels and putting a price on carbon – through a carbon fee, which we believe is the best approach. We need more leaders like Romanoff in the U.S. House. Vote Climate U.S. PAC urges your support for Andrew Romanoff (D) – CO – 06. Please click our “Priority Candidates” introduction page, under our “Campaigns” tab for ways you can help.