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Al Franken (D) – Minnesota U.S. Senate – Incumbent

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Vote Climate U.S. PAC endorses Al Franken, incumbent U.S. Senator from Minnesota. Senator Franken is a leader in the effort to address climate change. “Severe weather patterns exacerbated by climate change are costing taxpayers a lot of money now, and it’s only going to get worse over time,” according to Franken’s U.S. Senate website. “Congress needs to enact legislation that puts a price on carbon emissions and transitions our economy to renewable, homegrown sources of energy,” said Franken.

While Franken’s opponent claimed to believe in climate change, he was named to the League of Conservation Voter’s (LCV) Dirty Dozen list. “McFadden’s taken at least $122,750 in campaign contributions from polluting industries, including $44,800 from the oil and gas industry,” according to the LCV press release.

The Cook Political Report gives Minnesota Senate race a “likely Democratic” rating with a D+2, defined as “barely Democratic” to “moderately Democratic.” Senator Franken was elected in 2008, after a statewide recount, by 312 votes. A recent Survey USA poll shows Franken ahead by double digits, but his opponent’s campaign manager disputed this, sighting polls by Rasmussen Reports, CBS News, New York Times and YouGov that show Franken’s lead in single digits.

Wake Up to Climate Change Website:

Senator Franken signed onto a statement saying, “Despite all the evidence about the reality of climate change and the damage it is causing, Congress has so far failed to do anything about it — lulled to sleep through this crisis by polluting special interests. We need to send a clear message that the American people want Congress to wake up.”

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Minnesota Bio:
Franken’s Climate Change Position:

  • Put a price on carbon emissions and transition to renewable, homegrown sources
  • MN has strong renewable electricity and renewable fuels standards
  • Robust emission reduction mechanisms, consumer protections against rate increases, economic opportunities or  farmers and  manufacturers.

League of Conservation Voters:

“Energy efficiency and clean energy are at the heart of Senator Franken’s efforts to address climate change and reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.  That is why he cosponsored the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act, which would eliminate billions in taxpayer funded subsidies to the largest oil and gas companies.”

Senate Floor Speech on Climate Deniers

“In December, Senator Al Franken and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) explained to their colleagues how the oil and coal industries have funded scientists who spread misinformation and doubt on climate change through conservative foundations.  In fact, these scientists are often the same ones that were paid by the tobacco industry to deny that smoking causes cancer.  In their engaging hour long discussion, they laid out the preponderance of evidence showing climate change is real and indicated that 97% of scientists who have published peer reviewed articles on climate change as well as the National Academy of Sciences agree that it is urgent that we take steps to reduce the amount of CO2 produced by fossil fuels…

…Senator Franken concluded by stating, “Climate change is real, and failure to address it is bad for our standing in the global economy, bad for the Federal budget, and bad for our national security. We can do better than that for our children and our grandchildren and posterity…”

Vote Climate U.S. PAC supports the re-election of Al Franken to the U.S. Senate. He understands the science and is a leading voice in the political response to climate change. He believes as we do that we must put a price on carbon. Please click our “Priority Candidates” introduction page, under our “Campaigns” tab for ways you can help.