Vote Climate U.S. PAC works to elect candidates to get off fossil fuels, transition to clean, renewable, non-nuclear power and put a price on carbon, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes.

Our Approach

We’ve seen enough destruction from the weather extremes related to climate change. Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. The streets of Miami are flooding, even without rain, from the rising sea levels attributable to climate change. Mega tornadoes have flattened towns in the south and mid-west. Wildfires and record-breaking drought ravage America’s west coast, the producer of much of our nation’s food supply. Pensacola, Florida received 24 inches of rain in 24 hours, an historic record.

This is exactly the pattern climate scientists have predicted, only it’s happening faster than originally anticipated. It is time for the American people to demand political action on the most urgent issue humanity has ever faced. Vote Climate U.S. PAC supports federal candidates who back our mission and opposes those who do not.

Scientists say, we are facing an emergency situation with climate change and yet our political leaders are not taking action. Despite increasingly urgent calls from scientists and political protests, no federal climate legislation has ever become law in the U.S. That is why Vote Climate U.S. PAC must work electorally to increase our support in congress.

Our ultimate goal of passing federal climate legislation like a carbon fee, is the single, most critical step we can take toward addressing climate change. Without federal legislation, we are left with a patchwork of less effective, state and local regulations. It starts with electing the candidates to get it done.

Our approach is simple. We take 3 fundamental steps toward achieving our mission:

  • Targeting – Vote Climate U.S. PAC plans to identify incumbents who are anti-climate, vulnerable in their re-election, who have a pro-climate challenger. In 2014, budget permitting, we will select up to 3, carefully targeted, congressional districts in which to run our TV and radio ad campaign.
  • Ad Production – Vote Climate U.S. PAC will produce radio and TV ads like our Holy BLEEP Mabel campaign, featuring the quirky couple, Mabel and Manny, who find themselves in various Holy BLEEP Mabel moments as they experience weather extremes related to climate change. We hope to highlight the seriousness of climate change through humor.

Our radio ad campaign features tennis superstar, Martina Navratilova, who will drive the serious side of climate change home with grand slam precision.

Martina, Mabel, Manny and the rest of us here at Vote Climate U.S. PAC are aiming for an historic, political victory on the most critical issue of our time.

  • Media Buys – Once we’ve produced the ads, we’ll work to raise the funds to make media buys in targeted, congressional districts to elect pro-climate lawmakers. Ultimately we hope to see federal legislation to slow climate change, but we must change the political landscape first.

Media campaigns are effective, but expensive. We need your help. We can’t do it without you. Donate today to help to Vote Climate U.S. PAC produce ads and make media buys in our targeted districts, with the ultimate goal of passing federal climate legislation to slow climate change and related weather extremes.

You can also help Vote Climate U.S. PAC by signing and sharing our petition, hosting a house party or attending a house party speaker’s training


Vote Climate U.S. PAC supports legislation similar to the U.S. Senate, Boxer/Sanders Climate Protection Act, or the U.S. House [DISCUSSION DRAFT: FEE FOR EMISSIONS OF CARBON POLLUTION] with the following amendments/inclusions:

Carbon dioxide pollution and other greenhouse gases indicated, should be reduced 80% below 1990 levels [to zero] by 2025

The price per ton of carbon should be $50 per ton. If the price is lower initially, it should rise over a 5-year period.

The legislation should apply to all fossil fuel polluters

Waxman, Whitehouse, Blumenauer, and Schatz Release Carbon Price Discussion Draft

Tackling Climate Change and Raising Revenue for the American People – Carbon Pollution Fee Discussion Draft


Bill Text: Discussion Draft