I pledge to vote climate!
Our Mission

Vote Climate U.S. PAC works to elect candidates to get off fossil fuels, transition to clean, renewable, energy and put a price on carbon, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes.

Our Approach

We envision a future of hope and progress. We prefer a place where clean energy and food production intersect on family farms in abundant fields - not one where we are battered by weather extremes.

We've seen enough destruction from the weather extremes related to climate change. The Thomas fire broke the record for the largest wildfire in CA history, after a wildfire tore through wine country there, doing $9 billion in damage. Three Category 4 hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. in 2017: Harvey in TX; Irma in FL and Maria in PR, costing lives and billions of dollars. The streets of Miami are flooding, even without rain, from the rising sea levels attributable to climate change. Mega tornadoes have flattened towns in the south and mid-west. Droughts ravage America's west coast, the producer of much of our nation's food supply. This is exactly the pattern climate scientists have predicted; only it's happening faster than originally anticipated.

The choice is yours. The time is now.

The American people must demand political action on climate change in the form of a federal fee on carbon. Vote Climate U.S. PAC supports U.S. House and U.S. Senate candidates who back our mission and opposes those who do not. Take action today. Share our petition. Donate. Host a house party.